Solo (2018)

I always try to remind myself, what others say about you, says more about them, than anyone else…

I believe that is true with actions as well.  After a 6 month break, I decided that I can’t really get anyone reliable to work on my project with me. It is just reality and nothing personal. We live in an age and day where “no one cares what you have to say.”, “Ideas are a dime a dozen, and are worthless.” and “People don’t value your life.” literally they don’t, that should be obvious when people text and drive around you at 85 mph. People don’t care,  their being distracted by Facebook is more important than you getting home safe.

It is just reality.

At this point, I told myself if this is really going to happen it will have to be me. I tried doing everything but sounds and music, and even then the musician I was working with, was ripping music from another game. I found that out about a week after bringing him on, so I had to take down everything I had posted and was so excited for. Once again this is just the way things and people are. So I decided I would have to do it all, every asset, all the art, music, programming, animations, sounds, shaders, etc. It is 100% on me, otherwise, Wild Origin will never ever exist.

I have dedicated 13 years of my life to this project, and I plan to be working on it for the next 50 years. Eventually, at some point, something has to give, and all these failures and stumblings are just part of the process which will eventually lead to success. Nothing glorious about it, and no one seems to care, however, I believe the world I am building is worth it. I believe Wild Origin will one day be a universe of planets, and art, and fun, and things worth discovering.

I understand that my outlook on people and society in general at the moment is an unpopular narrative. I do believe there are exceptions, for instance, my wife is a great example. I believe great and kind people exist, they are just hard to find at the moment. I don’t blame people really either, I believe 80% of the choices we make are heavily influenced by our environment. I believe we can do better.