.Revisiting Entropia (Early 2010)

I was still greatly disheartened by the end of such an intense relationship, and I even stopped creating content for the next 6 months, I only really accepted contracts here and there to pay bills.

During this time I revisited the Entropia Universe ( formerly Project Entropia ).  After many months, and frustration with the RCE ( Real Cash Economy – Gambling ) element again, I was re-inspired once again to start creating. I felt reconnected with the roots of my vision for a new planet, the idea of a world full of my own creations, which I really feel is all I ever really wanted, a place large enough to share all of my work.

This screenshot actually shows me looting a UL ( unlimited/repairable) piece of armor of a creature, which by that time had become extremely difficult, as the company that bought out the original creators of the game, implemented items that would break and couldn’t be repaired, also known as limited items. It is a shame what has happened to the economy of Entropia Universe, as the RCE pay to lose, and greed of the newer company has honestly just killed the original soul of the game.

It did, however, help me out of that time and point with my depression, and eventually, in 2017-2018 I went back into the game and started as a merchant and actually made enough money off other players that I recouped all my loses from playing and depositing before.