Insanity (2017)

Insanity is the definition of doing the same thing and expecting a different result. I thought in 2017 that since I had developed hundreds of sharp and refined looking assets I would attract better talent. Honestly, it didn’t matter, people still fell through, and disappeared on a regular basis. I even had people trying to join the team just to get the package of assets and run off with them, which meant I had to basically lock down all the assets and make programmers work with placeholders, which meant it was even harder to find someone to work on the project.

I was working 4 part-time¬†jobs, developing and team leading and recruiting all full time for the game and I run myself into the ground. So when the last programmer left, I put the project on hold again. I simply couldn’t assemble and keep a quality team. Paying people it turned out also didn’t produce much better results, I even had a few times where people got the deposit and then disappeared, only to find out the portfolios were ripped and the person wasn’t really the individual they were representing themselves to be.

It was time for a change in tactics, as the previous approaches hadn’t worked.