Homeworld (2015/16)

LOL of Lulz as it was known then continued to progress and take shape. After trying multiple times to find a reliable programmer’s through Unity’s Collaborate forum’s that was willing to donate time, and had the skill to do the work, I felt I would likely have to once again try to build a product base to support development by having cash in hand to pay for work. At which time I created the brand #Retro again in Second Life, to help build the funding for hiring a programmer.

However, after all this effort in 2015 – 2016 plus job instability after Boston Light shut down meant all the money was instead going to pay bills, while I worked part-time jobs at many other places to make ends meet. I was also pretty disillusioned with the creative industry at this point. The job instability, the long hours and a project I just couldn’t get people to work on.

The main benefit of this time spent was that a coherent style was starting to build and refine. Plus I was developing hundreds of assets once again that would eventually be used in Wild Origin later on down the road. I also had a lot of fun doing it.