Fall of [OMFG] (2009)

In 2008 I met an SL user named Case Tomorrow, a woman from Germany who I had a relationship with inside of the virtual platform of Second Life.  Being young and naive I had no idea about the complications of online relationships. For a short time, this was a major boon to the brand, as she promoted my work, to the point it even caught the attention of the Linden’s ( Second Life’s Developers ).

The community had once again built up to 2000+ subscribers and members who were a fan of my work. However just as things seemed as if they were about to finally take off I found out during a vacation together where we first met in real life that she had been with another guy the entire time we were together. I was devastated, and it really went downhill from there, I actually became very depressed for 2-3 months and stopped creating. At which point I set all my objects to free and abandoned the brand due to all the memories related to the work, some of it made for my romantic partner in SL at the time.

I really felt I needed a fresh start and the whole brand seemed kinda tainted with the public fallout of our relationship which also badly damaged the brand. So I stopped using the avatar: Perefim Cao all together to essentially symbolize the death of that part of my life.