Failure to Launch ( Early 2011)

In 2011, I was feeling pretty confident, I had produced content that had been sold to over 100,000 customers, and had performed contracts for major universities within the Second Life platform. Having built a solid fanbase again I tried once more to build the virtual universe I had been envisioning. I even created tiered rewards, much like you see on Kickstarter projects, which I had no idea about at the time. The poster displayed a concept poster with two “astronauts, ready to explore a new planet” wearing armor I had designed back in 2009.

This ultimately failed as well, and never did grow in popularity, even after offering all of my old [OMFG] items as free promo items to bolster support and attempt to rapidly expand my fan base.

By now this was either my 3rd or my 4th time around where I really had just bombed the attempt to get the concept rolling.

I think what is interesting though is this is when I really start pushing back towards that space, new frontier idea, and even started using the orange and white color, more sci-fi futuristic palette in my item ads and logos. I had also been in talks with a programmer at the time who was developing a full MMO engine, and was being advised by a gentlemen out of Ireland.

I had tried to convince them to take on a smaller project, but the programmer refused my idea of minigames, building to larger games and then the MMO he wanted.