Building A Kingdom (2012)

In 2011 I had accepted a contract to import my large library of over 500 items into another platform known as “The Kingdom of DeMolay” which was a project by Boston Light, LLC. After starting out as a contractor I was eventually welcomed on as a team member and started working for the company full time.

One of the most challenging aspects of the job is that my boss was always changing his mind, day to day even. At first, this was a nightmare, especially since new content could take days to weeks to complete depending on the project scope. So I needed to find a way to rapidly design and implement whatever ideas he had. This led to the adaptation of a more blocky style like those in Minecraft or voxels.

The project developed into a 12 sim expansive world which was highly popular with the user base known as “Land of Lulz”. However due to the fallout between Boston Light & DeMolay International, the platform was shut down and most of the content was lost, never to be recovered.

This marked a big step in the development of the style and was the first successful attempt at a private grid for an online community. I believe if I was able to launch this to the public it would have actually been the beginning of an online multiplayer for Wild Origin.