What is Wild Origin:

Wild Origin is a non-combat, puzzle, exploration game(s) Concept that has been in development since 2005 with hundreds of already developed assets.

Art, Programming, Animations, Shaders, SFX, etc by Cody Rauh.

Wild Origin and its series of developing mini-games take place in a voxel universe, with elements from multiple timelines and planets that all converge into a single massive story about the struggle of man to avoid extinction and colonize new worlds. Challenge within Wild Origin is not based on conflict through combat, but rather struggle against weather, interaction with animals, and the difficulty of adapting to a new world with new rules.

Imagine using your mind and even your emotions to connect with living plants and animals on a brand new planet. Through social interactions and observation, you will be able to study and learn about the creatures that inhabit Wild Origin and even indirectly learn about yourself.

Development Strategy:

The recipe for success with Wild Origin is fondly called "Agile Snowball".

Over the course of 15 years over 700 assets have been developed related to the Wild Origin universe.  The approach ensures a 99% success rate of released games by the development of a series of related mini-games, which provide the skill development and experience to eventually build larger and larger games, while at the same time establishing a larger and larger fanbase. Each minigame helps build up to a game of larger scale. Imagine exploring the world a fragment at a time, maybe as a fish, or as a robot probe, or even as a human in a museum, and then on a dying earth, only to end up crash-landed on the wrong planet.

It is a development strategy that allows the creator, community, and technology to all develop together to eventually create a rich biodiverse universe filled with hundreds of plants and animals.

Explore Wild Origin:

We may all still be on earth, but I would like to invite you to begin exploring Wild Origin. Within this website, you will witness the birth of a virtual universe.

Over the next days, weeks, months and years you will see new animals, plants, landscapes and even full planets come into existence through posts of concept art, music, game assets and updates. Without your participation in the universe of Wild Origin, it will never be discovered and inhabited. Become a Pioneer and explore a Frontier Planet within the Universe of Wild Origin.